Practice Quiz

Click the following link to take a practice Nutrition Quiz!



2 thoughts on “Practice Quiz

  1. nutrition4studentsblog

    @Paul, I can certainly post more practice quizzes and I’ll even post a study guide later on in the week. However, due to a good amount of the previous exam questions being recycled for future classes, I cannot post an exact copy of the old exams. The study guide that I post will be very straightforward and contain everything you need to know for the exam. If you refer to this site for articles, practice quizzes, videos etc, and complete the assignments thoroughly and participate in discussions, you will be on the right track to succeeding. Please let me know if there are particular topics that may be confusing to you or if there is any topic that is interesting to you that you’d like to have a discussion with me personally. As always, my contact link is up above in the menu bar. Please fill out your name, email (required) and your comment/question. Make sure to check your e-mail for my response. If you would like to be more open to discussion with your classmates as well, you can comment on any one of my posts and I will always comment back and hopefully, your classmates will like to engage in on the conversation as well.


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